Ramon Alvarez

Mr. Ramon Alvarez joined G7, in 2009 as a Strategic Partner. Over the last 23 years he has supported and directed companies with revenues in excess of $1 Billion. His forte is assisting companies through various stages of productivity from start-up, survival, turnaround, and growth mode.

Mr. Alvarez’s talent and expertise spans a variety of industries, including, truck transportation, supply chain management, intermodal (truck/rail transportation) and financial services. His understanding of both domestic and international distribution channels encompasses retail sales, wholesale, Original Equipment Manufacturer, (OEM) national sales, direct sales, leasing and government markets in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Through G7 Ramon Alvarez has worked with numerous Native Communities in establishing governance structures and enhancing policies and procedures.

Among his significant previous positions, Mr. Alvarez served as General Manager and CFO of ComTel Logistics, a Phoenix based corporation, Founder, Case n Point, an Arizona based LLC specializing in QuickBooks business accounting systems. He directed international sales as the Regional Vice President for Roadrunner Trucking and Distribution Corporation. Moreover, he was selected to manage a Regional Sales Division for Schneider National, one of the largest truckload carriers in the US - a North American multi-national arranger of international freight transportation by multiple methods. *Key customers included Fortune 500 companies-- Ford, Sara Lee, Samsung and Sony.

Throughout his career, Mr. Alvarez managed diverse project portfolios for numerous companies including market analysis studies, over-the road and ocean transportation systems, supply chain feasibility studies, and customer satisfaction measurement systems. He also has a broad perspective of operational issues gained from in-depth analysis and examination of complex financial statements, business processes and procedures.

He is experienced across consumer and real estate lending and credit examination related to loan structures. With a strong knowledge of both cash and accrual accounting systems, Mr. Alvarez has experience in all aspects of financial forecasting, resource allocation and accounting and control.

Mr. Alvarez assists clients to establish a strong business foundation through his superior organizational development and management leadership during critical transition phases, including hiring professional and technical staff, implementing budget reductions and recommendations, reports, presentations and installing effective management information systems and processes. He directed the design and installation of a three-user-friendly and responsive accounting systems for use in multi-million dollar organizations.

Mr. Alvarez holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University and highly specialized Sales and Marketing training from Certified Marketing Services, Inc. in Sterling, VA. Mr. Alvarez is completely fluent in Spanish and has wide-ranging experience with multicultural markets.