Jeremy Makil

Jeremy Makil’s philosophy has always been “Community before self.” A dynamic, yet unassuming leader and entrepreneur, Jeremy possesses an extraordinary ability to unify people towards a common goal and purpose.

Jeremy has always been driven to help others succeed through his innovation and creative ideas. His service to people from different backgrounds and philosophies is rooted in his beginnings. At a very young age, he traveled throughout the United States and participated in several national conferences and political forums building alliances and life long connections. He quickly immersed himself in the art of communication and consensus-building.

These experiences left an indelible mark and became the foundation of his drive to mobilize
on-going grass roots efforts for positive change.

He has worked on various grassroots campaigns which resulted in quality economic development. In 1996, he participated in The Fairness Initiative, Proposition 201, a public referendum, led by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community and passed by the people of Arizona, that allowed federally recognized Tribes to enter into gaming compacts in Arizona. After a four-year struggle with opponents and an unprecedented campaign that garnered national attention, the Supreme Court, in a landmark decision found in favor of the Tribes.

Extraordinarily gifted at quickly assessing unfamiliar situations and complex issues, Jeremy has an uncanny ability to transform seemingly insurmountable problems into opportunities for new and unprecedented growth. When faced with decisions that affect the delicate balance between the desire for progressive change and preservation of culture and tradition, Jeremy seeks respect, balance and fairness in decision-making.

Described as “honest, humble and extremely loyal,” Jeremy’s magnetic communication style engenders a rare trust and confidence which is often lost in today’s business climate.
The depth of his experience in management, communications, organizational planning and
problem-solving strategies is a tremendous asset to the Generation Seven partnership.