Brandon Makil

Brandon Makil brings a diversity of skills to the Generation Seven partnership. His creativity and innovation in a variety of telecommunications disciplines has garnered him recognition, influence and respect early in his career.

Recognized by Mountain Telecommunications, Inc. for “Quality Performance and Excellence,” Brandon is a natural leader whose specialty is leading large projects to fruition.

In 2001, he was asked by Saddleback Communications, a multi-million dollar company to lead an unprecedented effort to bring phone service to the rural areas of the Salt River Pima- Maricopa Indian Community. His vision and leadership combined with his managerial, analytical, problem-solving, and training expertise cleared the way for future innovations and revolutionary changes in the telecommunications industry.

Brandon strives to integrate his values and equally high standards as a part of everything he does. Beginning in 1996 he participated in several political campaigns, including the The Fairness Initiative, Proposition 201, a public referendum, led by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community and passed by the people of Arizona, that allowed federally recognized Tribes to enter into gaming compacts in Arizona. After a four-year struggle with opponents and an unprecedented campaign that garnered national attention, the Supreme Court in a landmark decision found in favor of the Tribes.

A creative in multimedia and visual communications, Brandon combines his technology expertise and his imaginative concepts to educate and bring people together; a perfect complement to the G7 approach and philosophy.

His commitment to his work is superseded by his passion and love for family. Talented and extremely versatile, Brandon has coached kids basketball for Community teams, participated in a Community traditional dance group, enjoys a variety of visual arts including sketching, painting and photography and is ingenious when it comes to technology.